A united front   

Our team of educators provides the absolute best for your child. 

Unlike many preschools or daycares, Sonnets Academy's team of location directors work together with our executive director to build the best curriculum, set the best policies, and provide the best programs for our families and teachers.

The combined experience and unique backgrounds of Sonnets Academy's director's and teachers reflect in our commitment to building an early learning community. The support, inspiration, and encouragement that our executive director provides to our location directors transcends to our assistant directors and to our teachers - creating a foundation upon which your child's confidence and learning can flourish. Sonnets Academy directors & teachers are not only trustworthy and accountable, they truly take pride and ownership in providing the best for each and every child that shows in our students' excitement about learning. 

Laura Davis

Executive Director

Laura Davis began her journey in Early Childhood Education over 17 years ago by taking her first job as an Assistant Teacher, at the JCC, while attending DePaul University for a Masters in Secondary Education. It was through that job she found her love of ECE and immediately switched her focus of study to Early Childhood Education.   For the following 15 years Laura had the privilege of working with young children and their families at one of Chicago’s top preschools. Early on she was a Two Year Old Teacher, but as of 2002 became part of the senior leadership driving growth of the organization and in 2008 Ied their entire team as the Executive Director and Director of Operations.

At Sonnets Academy her responsibilities focus on supporting all school directors to deliver great education to every child and providing exceptional communication to parents. A strong home-school connection makes for a successful child. Laura’s educational philosophy is based on creating a nurturing, caring, and engaging environment to foster positive relationships between the children, families, and teachers.

Brianne Flynn, MS, CCLS

Director, Lincoln Park

Brianne Flynn has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Iowa with a focus on child development and family counseling and holds a Masters degree in Child Development with a Child Life Specialization from Erikson Institute in Chicago. Prior to joining Sonnets Academy, she worked as a Developmental Therapist in a therapeutic preschool; a Family Play Specialist for a non-profit organization working with families on how best to incorporate play into their unique families; a Child Life Specialist in a pediatric unit incorporating purposeful play into the hospital experience; and as an early childhood teacher in infant, toddler, and three year old classrooms.

Brianne has a passion for working with children and families and is excited to incorporate her experiences and knowledge building Sonnets Academy. She believes all children learn best through sensory exploration and individualized social-emotional attention and wants to help children become confident individuals who are excited to engage in activities with their peers. She believes that the process of a child’s learning and not the product best measures development.

Tameka Ray, M.a.Ed. 

Director, West Loop

Tameka Ray started her early childhood mission in a toddler’s classroom and she knew it was her calling. Moving from teacher to assistant director to director, Tameka is well versed in all facets of an early learning environment. She is a graduate of Chicago State University, holds a masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Ashford University and is currently obtaining her PhD in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University Chicago. Tameka has nearly ten years of experience teaching in and leading preschools and providing early childhood education.

During her educational leadership journey she regularly partners with teachers and company leaders on classroom management, lesson planning and assessments. Her passion for making sure parents feel that school is an extension of the home is something that continues to motivate her.

In addition to organization and leadership skills, Tameka has taken a particular interest in curriculum that allows the inherent creativity and intelligence of children to emerge through purposeful play and active teacher involvement. She has had a strong commitment to education in the city of Chicago and its neighborhoods and looks forward to building a lasting community asset in both West Loop & Hyde Park.

Amber Garcia

Director, River North

Amber Garcia has a range of experience as a infant classroom teacher, an Assistant Director and now as a Director. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Technical Management from Devry University and an Associate’s Degree in Psychology, with extensive coursework in Early Childhood Education.

Amber believes that children are curious from infancy and have a desire to learn from all parts of their environment. As an Early Childhood professional, she ensures that children are allowed to flourish as individuals and expand their capacity to learn. She has a strong commitment to Sonnets Academy because the organization is committed to not only the best childcare, but also a level of education that is remarkable.