Sonnets Academy is passionate about creating your child’s haven in the big city - a preschool community with a passion for play-based learning. Our commitment to whole-child development is made possible when children feel confident and supported, work together, learn from one another, and actively participate in a cohesive learning environment. 

Our directors and teaching teams at each school provide a support system for you and your family. By establishing a strong home-school connection, your child can find confidence in their learning foundation.  


Beginning in infancy, children want all of the stimulation and activities they can get their hands on, not just to keep them occupied, but because their sensory, motor, cognitive, & communication skills are forming and growing at a rapid pace.

Our play-based curriculum begins at early infancy and continues through prekindergarten, concentrating on the process through which children learn. Discovery-based play expands imagination, encourages sense of wonder and provides a diverse and comprehensive foundation for cognitive, social, emotional & creative growth that will shape their adolescence and adulthood.


Through play, children discover their surroundings – socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. This is unique for each child at each stage of development. Sonnets Academy teachers celebrate diversity in their classrooms - understanding each child’s distinctive style of play and the cultural and developmental factors that contribute to these differences among children. Our teachers create classroom activities that each student can build upon in their own way – focusing on strengths.

Young children thrive in a vibrant classroom environment. Their days are mapped out by experts in early childhood development especially to provide them with anything and everything they need to both enjoy and expound upon their play - from the emotional support to find confidence in self expression, to activities & projects that engage children with specific learning processes in mind.


Children learn how to navigate their future interpersonal relationships from their social interactions in early childhood. When children play together, they learn to celebrate differences as they cooperate and collaborate - creating empathetic problem solvers. When a child’s play is guided and encouraged by their teacher, the child establishes trust, respect & confidence – essential to a lifelong love of learning.

Each Sonnets Academy Preschool follows the same monthly theme from which our teachers create their own lesson plans. This guided curriculum structure gives our teachers the ability to build their classroom activities from where their students take the most interest while following age-specific learning and development objectives in the following categories:


  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Language & Communication
  • Cognitive Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Music & Movement
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Self-Help


Sonnets Academy's dedication to whole-child development provides a diverse and well-rounded learning environment in our discovery-based curriculum and enrichment programs. From teaching the basics of physical and emotional well being in yoga class to expanding linguistic horizons in Spanish class, Sonnets Academy exposes our students to a balanced and comprehensive variety of learning opportunities.

Sonnets Academy teachers customize their lesson plans to both reflect Sonnets Academy's curricular objectives and follow our monthly curricular themes. Our teachers create classroom activities that each student can build upon in their own way – focusing on strengths.

Sonnets Academy instills the following principles on our early education programs to ensure that your child is happy, confident, and successful: