Toddlers & Twos want all of the stimulation and activities they can get their hands on, not just to keep them occupied, but because their sensory, motor, cognitive, & communication skills are forming and growing at a rapid pace.

Our play-based curriculum begins at early infancy and continues through prekindergarten, concentrating on the process through which children learn. Discovery-based play expands imagination, encourages sense of wonder and provides a diverse and comprehensive foundation for cognitive, social, emotional & creative growth that will shape their adolescence and adulthood. Sonnets Academy focuses on providing the following resources to create a seamless early learning community for our students: 

  • Classroom Activities
    Sonnets Academy teachers customize their lesson plans to both reflect Sonnets Academy's curricular objectives and follow our monthly curricular themes. Our teachers create classroom activities that each student can build upon in their own way – focusing on strengths. 

  • Individualized Attention
    We create a personalized portfolio for each student complete with bi-annual assessments to benchmark each child's unique progress and milestones in order to adhere our curriculum to the needs of each child as they transition to up to our older classrooms. 

  • School-wide Activities
    We aim for our students to feel valued and important as individuals, but our Sonnets Academy also strives for children to understand the significance of participating as both a class unit and as a school. Each student's unique talents and perspective combines with their peers to create a culture in our schools. School wide activities and projects allow students to interact with children of different ages and to feel like they are a part of something big. 

  • Communication with Parents
    The home/school connection that our teachers create is so instrumental to maintaining continuity between the positive learning environment in our classrooms and our students homes. Our directors send out monthly school-wide newsletters to keep parents up-to-date with curricular themes, focuses of our enrichment programs, and events that we are hosting. Parents also have access to their child's classroom lesson plans so that they can incorporate some of our activities and topics into their conversation at home, in addition to access of classroom photos so they can get visual updates throughout the day. 

  • Community Involvement
    Community matters at Sonnets Academy. Our team of educators strive for our early-learning communities to reflect the vibrancy of the families and the neighborhoods in which they live. Collaboration with like-minded neighboring businesses and organizations is the best way to expand our learning environment into the community while strengthening our local economy. Our local partners include Neighborhood Parent Network (NPN), Chicago Parent, and Chicago Children's Museum.