hello 2019!

The holidays are behind us, and after a much-needed winter break, filled with carefree days, special treats, and lots of fun - we are happy to be back in a routine again.

Welcome to January! In Chicago, January means the hustle and bustle are over and we brace ourselves for very chilly days. The sun is shining, there might be some snow, and at times the outdoors look inviting - however, our outdoor play is usually brief. We find ourselves ready for new projects and fresh activities for us and our little ones

Sonnets Academy Directors and Teachers have been reconnecting with our families after winter break and have been having a lot of the following conversations with our parents…

…”how was winter break?”, “what are you doing this week, or weekend?, How is everyone adjusting to a new year?”

Many parents have responded that they are looking for new indoor and outdoor activities to share with their kiddos. Some parents have also shared thoughts or asked questions about their child’s development or inquired about realistic expectations for their growing child this year.

Our Directors and Teachers thought about these questions together. We discussed what tips would be helpful for our students, school community and families? We decided there is no better time than the present to discuss routines. Routines in school and home are essential to the growth and education of our children, families and school community.


Routines provide the two key ingredients necessary for learning: relationships and repetition.

photo is copyright of    zerotothirty.org

photo is copyright of zerotothirty.org

Creating Routines for Love and Learning

The following article has been sourced by: zerotothree.org

For most of us, our lives involve a series of patterns—routines we perform almost every day, like stopping at the same place each day for coffee on the way to work. This is also very true for babies and toddlers. While we play a part in creating routines in our children’s lives, we may not fully realize the role they play in young children’s development.


A little indoor greenery can go a long way during the winter months!

We thought about fun activities or projects that could add to our routines. We thought an indoor greenhouse or garden would be a great way to keep our kids engaged this winter.

It’s something new in their environment and something special that requires a bit of daily or weekly responsibility for our little ones.

When our team began researching indoor gardens and greenhouses for our students, we found this cute activity from our friends at PBSKids.org.

This project looked so fun, and the possibilities of your container design can really take on a life of it’s own - the ones we found range from high rise living to colorful kitty cats.

photo is copyright of    creativejewishmom.com

photo is copyright of creativejewishmom.com


Here are some fun activities we think your whole family will like…

2019 Free Museum Days

While Chicago begins to settle into a solid layer of frost for the winter, the museums are just getting warmed up. Big names and lesser-known galleries alike are opening their doors to the public for a much-needed change of pace.

Here is a complete list of free museum days this winter.

Chicago Events

Looking for a morning or afternoon activity before or after naps - here are some great half day events and activities.

Here is a list of local activities this week.

Chicago(land) Events

Up for a short drive? Maybe a full day away from home? There are a lot of new exhibits or shows in Chicago’s nearby neighborhoods.

Here is a list of upcoming Chicagoland events.

Midwest Events

Ready for a full day adventure, perhaps an overnight? Head on up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for their Winerfest activities. We thought the Ice Castle exhibit looked very cool!

Visit Lake Geneva’s Winterfest website for their activity calendar.

Be sure to let your Director and Teachers know what events or activities you accomplished this season! See you in the Spring!

-Sonnets Academy