From Infancy to Toddlerhood and twos to preschool, we support and prepare your child. 

Belonging to one cohesive preschool environment from infancy to prekindergarten gives your child immeasurable confidence in and positivity toward learning and socializing. With this confidence in hand - Sonnets Academy students approach kindergarten head-on and ready to enjoy learning and personal growth. This positive outlook is build over time with the support and encouragement of a team of educators dedicated to each child's whole development, happiness, and success. Our teachers and directors work closely with parents to create a seamless early learning environment wherein children feel that their uniqueness is celebrated and their interests are supported. 


Make the best choice for your child's early learning environment. Bring your child along for your Sonnets Academy tour to help them feel comfortable and confident in their school community from the start. A warm welcome and a bit of encouragement are key to building excitement about belonging to the vibrant and bustling atmosphere that Sonnets Academy teachers and students create - together.

Sonnets Academy welcomes new touring children by introducing them to each classroom and teacher, letting them get to know the space, and inviting them to circle time, stations, & free play. Your child will feel welcome, valued & important. Sonnets Academy emphasis on individuality and strengths is the foundation for our cooperative learning community.